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Congo Kid Console - 512 Channels
Congo Kid Console - 512 Channels
Congo Kid Console - 512 Channels
Item#: 4340A1120

Product Description:
ETC Congo Kid Lighting Console - 512 Channels

Congo Kid® powered by Cobalt™ software is a small-venue solution for smaller lighting rigs that include conventionals, LEDs, moving lights and small media servers. The console supports up to two external DVI monitors that can be single- or multi-touch. Congo Kid powered by Cobalt controls 256 or 512 devices (dimmers, LEDs, moving lights or media servers) on two universes of output (1,024 parameters). It can be used as a backup or client to any other Cobalt-family controller up to the capacity of the console.


•Supports up to two monitors, 2 x DVI or 1 x DVI + 1 x Display Port, which may be multi-touch

•Built-in LCD display for softkeys and moving-light control

•Available with 256 or 512 devices/channels and 1,024 outputs/parameters

•2 x DMX512A/RDM direct outputs

•Ethernet (ETCNet2™, Net3™/ACN, ArtNet)

•USB memory stick

•SSD Memory

•Show import via ASCII

•MIDI In/Out

•Contact-closure triggers

•USB multipurpose bus (memory, pointing device, keyboard, touch screens)

•Audio In/Out

•Phone remote control