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MagicQ MQ40 Compact Console
MagicQ MQ40 Compact Console
MagicQ MQ40 Compact Console
Item#: 0100-0040

Product Description:
Chamsys MagicQ MQ40 Compact Console

MagicQ MQ40 Console - 4 universes of control with silent operation, fits in hand luggage.

MagicQ MQ40 is part of a new generation of small and lightweight MagicQ Consoles designed for travelling. The MQ40 fits within hand luggage restrictions of all airlines including budget airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet and Southwest.

MagicQ MQ40 has an in-built touch screen.

MagicQ MQ40 supports four direct DMX outputs on the rear panel.

MagicQ MQ40 is the console of choice for controlling lighting, video and LED.

MagicQ software features include; easy patching from a library of 11000 fixture personalities, simple programming, inbuilt Pixel Mapper. Shows can be programmed on any console or computer and played back on any MagicQ system. Show files are forward and backward compatible as new features are regularly added to the software.