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Ovation™ F-165WW LED Fresnel
Ovation™ F-165WW LED Fresnel
Ovation™ F-165WW LED Fresnel
List Price: $1,529.99
Sale Price: $1,149.99

Product Description:
Chauvet Lighting Ovation™ F-165WW LED Fresnel

Powered by 16 10-watt LEDs, Ovation™ F-165WW delivers 1,730 lux at 5 meters (13°) without a significant temperature-related drop-off. Its innovative LED source produces smooth, even washes from 13° - 58° with a color temperature of 3,100 K and a beautiful soft field. It also features an easily adjustable, motorized zoom and can accommodate barn doors to aid in glare reduction and beam shaping. Selectable dimming curves make it compatible with older, traditional theater Fresnels.

• DMX channels: 1, 2, and 5 channels

• Operating modes 1-channel: Dimmer 2-channel: Dimmer, Dimmer Fine 5-channel: Dimmer, Dimmer Fine, Strobe, Zoom, Zoom Reset

• Extremely quiet operation

• Smooth dimming control

• Flat field of light

• Motorized and DMX controllable zoom angle between 13° ~ 58°

F7.5" Barndoor
F7.5" Barndoor
Product Description:
Chauvet F7.5" Barndoor - Fits Ovation F165

List Price: $74.99
Sale Price: $49.99