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Polar Controller Low Ground Fog Machine
Polar Controller Low Ground Fog MachinePolar Controller Low Ground Fog Machine
Polar Controller Low Ground Fog Machine
Item#: 100101
List Price: $7,995.00
Sale Price: $7,062.50

Product Description:
The newest updates on the Polar Controller has many improvements: This low-ground refrigerated system has the fogger built-in for cleaner output and dryer fog than ever before. The fog mechanism has its own power, DMX On-Board, remote control and built-in fan for much higher expansion and dryness that other low-ground foggers strive to achieve, but miss the desired effect. And, there’s no CO2 required!

This unit now includes two 25' remote controls: One for the fogger that tells when the power is on with the red LED light, and also when it’s warm and ready with the green LED light as well as volume control and cycle-timer. The second remote controls the refrigeration system with the fogging fan that expands the fog as well as dries the fog while the refrigeration is cooling the fog. This allows the user to stop the machine quickly and not "push" the fog away, being able to stop the fog fan as well.

CITC’s proprietary 5” heavy coated cold tubes keep the fog cold and dries the fog dryer before releasing it to the dance floor. Includes 45 degree elbows for smooth transition to the area you need. Easy to redirect or split the output in two areas.

Dims include fogger: 40" x 24" x 20"h (102cm x 61cm x 51cmh)

Weight: 197 lbs. (89kg.)

Voltage: 2x 120vac, 60 hz, 10a #100101 or 2x 230vac, 50 hz, 8a #100106

Type of Fog: Refrigerated thick, white, dry, low-ground fog made from Food Grade USP Propylene Glycol/Water base Fluid

Includes: 2 pcs 25’ remote control with On/Off for each refrigeration/fog

DMX: Built-in fogger DMX 1 channel 5 pin XLR (Accessory for refrigeration unit needs DMX converter)

Fluid: #150490 CITC's Low-Ground fogging Fluid (USP Glycol/water- based)

Clean out tray: included

Lifting Handles: included

Warm Up Time: 11 minutes

Duration refrigeration per average usage: 30-40 minutes, 10 min off, repeat

Fog Heating Unit: 1500w continuous output w/new accelerator fan

Refrigeration Unit: 1200w

Circuit Breaker: 2-250vac, 15a

Wheels: Included

Limited warranty: one year

Hose’s: Includes connection adapter & 2 lengths of 5" x 8' hose

Accessories: Refrigeration adapter DMX (on/off 2nd channel)

Eliminates the need for Dry Ice, CO2 or Steam water units by using Refrigerated Fog that stays low to the ground. Produces 7000 cfm of continuous, breathable fog for over 30 minutes per use through 2 hoses 8’ long. Now with higher-output Fog-accelerator-Fan and dual remote controls for fog and refrigeration system. Can be hands free operation with DMX adapter. New green ready-lite on remote control tells you when you’re ready for low-ground fogging. Ready-to-fog when you are.
Operational Polar Controller Road Case
List Price: $3,250.00
Sale Price: $3,043.75