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Starklite II 1200w Spotlight - Model 1272
Starklite II 1200w Spotlight - Model 1272Starklite II 1200w Spotlight - Model 1272
Starklite II 1200w Spotlight - Model 1272
Item#: 1272
List Price: $9,000.00
Sale Price: $8,100.00

Product Description:
Lycian Starklite II 1200w Spotlight - Model 1272

The luminaire shall be a 1200 watt follow spotlight designed to accept only a 1200 watt single ended HMI 1200SE or MSR- 1200HR type metal halide lamp. The gate assembly shall include a heavy duty nichrome steel iris, chopping shutter, fading shutter and gobo slot. The gobo slot shall accept the rotating gobo holder and shall have a self-closing panel to close off the opening when the gobo is not used. Spotlights that leave the slot open shall not be acceptable. Lamp accessibility shall be via a sliding rear drawer. The lamp can be changed without the use of tools and without changing optical focus of the lamp. Only optical grade lenses shall be used. A safety switch shall be mounted in such a way that either removal of the spotlight hood or opening the lamp drawer shall render the unit in the "off" mode. The lamp hot spot shall be centered via the large external phenolic knob at the rear of the unit. An external side mount knob shall control field flatness. These controls are non-interacting allowing the operator to quickly adjust the beam quality. Power control of the spotlight shall be via two push buttons mounted in the spotlight head. Removal of the lamp house top or loss of power shall render the spotlight in the "off" mode. Replacement of the top or restoring of the power will not unexpectedly ignite the lamp. To restrike the lamp will require a momentary push of the "on" button. An aluminum triple flatted reflector shall be supplied. The unit shall include an elapsed time meter. An operations unit containing the spotlight electronics is quickly accessible from the bottom of the spotlight head. A quick release electrical connector shall be mounted on the bottom of the spotlight for connection to the remote ballast unit. The entire top is removable for inspection and maintenance. Current draw at 120 VAC shall not exceed 20 amperes. Photometric data shall conform to the table provided. The luminaire shall be a Lycian Stage Lighting StarkLite II Model 1272.