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SeaChanger Tungsten Profile
SeaChanger Tungsten ProfileSeaChanger Tungsten Profile
SeaChanger Tungsten Profile
Item#: A451-01-0X
List Price: $2,195.00
Sale Price: $1,875.00

Product Description:
SeaChanger Tungsten products turn your ETC Source Four® Ellipsoidals into a brilliant dichroic profile and wash light. They provide illumination and seamless color transitions for theatrical, worship, museum and architectural applications. This self-contained dichroic color changer has an internal power supply, 4-Channel DMX and RDM capability for easy operation. SeaChanger Tungsten products reduce your carbon footprint - achieving colors with one fixture that previously could only be produced with banks of gel scrollers. You reduce waste without the hassle of gels and broken gel strings.

Through advanced optical engineering, the SeaChanger Tungsten profile now have a flatter field, allowing 10% more light out of the fixture, and faster color transitions with new firmware. The SeaChanger firmware upgrade greatly improves the "snap" transition time, with a full-speed, dual rotation that allows you to choose the shortest path to the color of your choice. This still preserves the smooth, transition-free fades and silent operation that is the benchmark of the SeaChanger family of products.

• Seamless dichroic color mixing

• Silent, swipe-free color transition in less than a second

• Hard-edged intense color output

• Energy efficient; one fixture can replace banks of fixtures.