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Vectorworks Designer 2016 & Renderworks (Upgrade from 2015)
Vectorworks Designer 2016 & Renderworks (Upgrade from 2015)
Vectorworks Designer 2016 & Renderworks (Upgrade from 2015)
List Price: $1,416.00
Sale Price: $1,380.00

Product Description:
Vectorworks Designer 2016 & Renderworks (Upgrade from 2015) - Also, included is Spotlight, Architect, and Landmark

Whether your specialty is architecture, landscape, or entertainment design, Vectorworks Designer software enables you to draft, model, and present in a single, intuitive interface. Enhance your workflow and enable great design to materialize from inspiration, exploration, and discovery with Vectorworks Designer – the ultimate solution for the design professional who needs it all.

With Vectorworks Designer, you can create Building Information Models (BIM) without changing your preferred design process. Whether you’re looking to streamline costs, analyze materials, increase your energy efficiency, or just create world-class designs, the Vectorworks Designer solution is an efficient way to introduce BIM capabilities into your workflow. Enjoy the robust and flexible capabilities of BIM with the ease of design, great documentation, and intelligent tools that the software is known for — right from the start.

See your captured visions come to life in 3D. An advanced suite of Parasolid-based solids and NURBS surface tools lets you create any shape and easily explore geometry. Plus, with graphical scripting tools, subdivivision surface modeling, point cloud support, you can create any shape and easily explore geometry. Our intuitive interface lets you design from any 3D view using modes in modeling tools that automatically infer working planes as you move your cursor, and enjoy the superior quality that allows you to manipulate your model with ease. More accurate object information and better snapping make drawing in 3D easy. Anything you can imagine is possible to express in Vectorworks Designer.

We recognize that the process of realizing a design often requires multiple sources of inspiration and refinement, as well as iteration, communication, and collaboration. Import or export a wide array of image files. Publish your design for inclusion in your firm’s marketing materials or website. Get on the cutting edge of collaborative digital practices, exchanging 2D, 3D, Building and Site Information Modeling (BIM/SIM) data and models for numerous multidisciplinary, multi-platform design workflows, as well as sending models to CAD/CAM machines, CNC routers, and 3D printers.

Enable multiple designers to work concurrently on the same Vectorworks Designer file with our Project Sharing feature. Whether you’re a sole practitioner collaborating with other professionals or a large firm dividing work among different members of the team, Project Sharing provides a flexible way to manage productive workflows for even the most complicated project. Plus, the software lets you create, model, present, and develop your designs easily and precisely with just one application. With Vectorworks Designer, you can move easily from design concept to technical documentation.

Includes Renderworks:

Powered by MAXON’s CINEMA 4D render engine, Renderworks is an add-on available with any Vectorworks product that makes it simple to produce high-quality renderings directly inside your Vectorworks design file. With full-screen previews, as well as auto-start and quick-cancel features, Renderworks streamlines the production of clear and accurate renderings and allows you to create striking photorealistic and stylized, or non-photorealistic visualizations and dynamic animations no matter what kind of projects you design. Manipulate the depth of field, apply vibrant back lighting, alter exposure, and generate panoramic images. Present your ideas more clearly with Renderworks.

Renderworks offers you a seamless method to add high-definition rendering that works right from within the familiar Vectorworks interface. Having the Renderworks module means that all rendering happens in an easy-to-set-up file that saves time because there is no repetitive transfer between your CAD and rendering applications. Since Renderworks works from inside Vectorworks, the initial learning curve is reduced, and you'll be more efficient as you modify the model and render without interruption.

For added power, Vectorworks software exports directly into the standalone version of the CINEMA 4D application through a simple “Send to Cinema4D” command. The Vectorworks file is imported into CINEMA 4D with the high-level organization of your project’s structure that works with all the additional features of CINEMA 4D. When you add the CINEMA 4D application, you'll experience the incomparable world of broadcast quality animation, as well as the available Sketch & Toon module.